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Hottest Short Hairstyles 2014 for Women

Now a day’s people are getting attracted towards short hair styles. The main reason for this adaption is due to the problems that are raised by long hairs like split ends and hair damages etc. And another factor for this adaptation is Hollywood female celebrities like Jennifer Aniston, Jennifer Lawrence, Emma Watson and many more. Some of the hair styles used by these celebrities are described below that are hot now a day and are frequently used by the people.

The first and most popular are RAZOR ED EDGE Short pixie hairstyles. In this type of style the hairs are brushed and turned towards the side using finger and then to create slightly rough look they are blow dry. And then using any wax hairs are pinched from ends to create pointed and razor edge style looks.

Some other popular styles are Short bob hairstyles. Any style of bob cut can be used in these hairstyles. And these styles are mostly used by celebrities like Jennifer Aniston.

Short punk hairstyles are also very good choice if you want to look different. These styles are mostly used by rock singers.

Funky short hairstyles look kind of different when you use different color of shades with them. They are kind of old fashion but look good.

Jennifer Lawrence Short Hairstyles are hair styles adopted by Hollywood celebrity Jennifer Lawrence. And are liked and rated by the people.

Chic Retro Bob Hairstyle is another famous hairstyle used by many people and Hollywood celebrities
and most nominated celebrity for this style is Emma Watson.

              Hottest Short to Medium Hairstyle:

hottest short to medium hairstylessource

              Hottest Short Celebrity Haircuts:

hottest short celebrity hairstylesource

              Hottest Short Wavy Hairstyle:

hottest short hairstylesource

              Loose Waves Short Hairstyle:

loose short hairstylesource

              Trendy Short Wavy Hairstyles Red Haircuts:

trendy short wavy hairstylessource

              Wavy Pixie Hair Style:

wavy pixie hairstylessource

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