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12 Pretty Short and Unique Asian Hairstyles

Choosing the perfect hair style and perfect hair cut according to your face shape and texture of your hair is not an easy job. You have to go for that hairstyle, which suits your style and personality. Short bob hair styles have got immense popularity among American African as well as Asian women. A perfect hair style plays an important role in your physical appearance. It not only conceals the flaws but also help you enhancing your facial features and natural beauty. Here are some short hairstyles for Asian women for the year 2014. Embrace anyone of them you like and get fabulous look.

Messy Bob Hairstyles

It is a very cool hairstyle and will give you a very innocent look. It is best for round faces. With a bob haircut and fringe on the front, wash your hair and conditioner them and choose a messy bob hairstyle. It will look cooler on colored hair. You need to trim your hair regularly. You can also try your hair with highlights.

Short Fly Away Bob Hairstyles

This is a cool, refreshing bob hairstyle. You just have to cut your hair into fly away bob and use regular conditioner if you want to keep your hair soft and sleek. In this hairstyle the length of your hair is just up to the nape.

Asymmetrical Hairstyles

This hairstyle is equally best for both straight and curly hair. But goes amazing with the black hair. Let your hair grow naturally and do not trim them. Keep the ends of your hair little bit curly.

pretty short asian hairstylesource
asian short hairstylessource
asymmetrical hairstylesource
asymmetrical short bob haircutsource
asian short hairstylessource
messy bob hairstylessource
pretty short asian hairstylesource
pretty short asian hairstylesource
pretty short asian hairstylesource
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asymmetrical bob hairstylessource
asian pretty short hairstylesource

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