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Emo Hairstyles for Medium Length Hair

Emo is a word which is derived from the word emotional. Being an emo means that you are very emotional and respect the emotion of other too. This is not a bad thing as the wrong of idea of being an emo is widely spread between the people of the today’s era.

The emo is now completely taken as personality type, as hairstyles and costumes are categorized in this category too. If you are an emo girl than this may be a lot of help to you. Talking about the emo hairstyles the thought that this is only of the jet black hair is completely wrong. As there are now many trends that are continuously being introduced for the young emo girls.

If you have medium length hair, than you are open to many choices to make a choice from. You can first have a good cut which should suit your face shape, as by choosing the wrong haircut you will ruin your complete look.

Mullet haircut

This has the long hair at the back of the head on the neck and has short hair on the front and on the crown.

Fringe bob

If your hair is thick than this is definitely for you, you can change the length of the hair according to your desire, as the front bangs should be no longer than your eyes.

Razor cut

It is the most unusual cut, and can be done on your own too. In it only the ends of your hair are frayed.

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emo hairstyles for Girls

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