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Different Medium Length Curly Hairstyles

Embrace the versatility of curly medium length styles by enhancing your approach towards your hair texture. A different hair style will give toy entirely different look. You can change your hair style with your curly hair depending upon your job or event you are going to attend. Moreover the time of the event decides and selects the type of hair style for you. Here are some good ideas for you.

Sassy Bob: This is a classic cut with some modern twists. It is a perfect selection for night parties. This is best for square, diamond and oblong faces and best for thick hair.

Tousled Shag: This is a simple A line bob with loose curls. This is recommended for almost every face type. First you blow dry your hair and then curl them and in the end you spray anti humidity spray.

Romantic Curls: This is a special hair style on a special night with a special person. Blow dry your hair then take a barrel curling iron and wind horizontal sections of hair and in the end spray up your hair. It is suitable for many face shapes

Ravishing Red: This is actually a razor-ed fringe. You dry your gair with paddle brush then take a medium curler and wind horizontal sections of hair. Leave the front hair on your face for mosaic classy appearance. This is good for diamond and heart shaped faces with thick hair texture.

Vintage Curls: These are fine bombshell curls with simple vintage waves. This is pretty good for heart shaped hair.

              Sassy Bob Curly Hairstyle:

sassy bob curly hairstylesource

              Tousled Shag Medium Curly Hairstyle:

tousled shag medium curly hairsource

              Marley Shelton Tousled Curly Hairstyle:

marley shelton tousled curly hairstyle source

              Romantic Curls Medium Hairstyle:

romantic curls medium hairstylesource

              Romantic Curly Bob Medium Hairstyle:

romantic curly medium hairstylesource

              Sassy Bob Curly Hairstyle:

sassy bob curly hairstylesource

              Romantic Curly Wedding Hairstyle:

romantic curly wedding hairstylessource

              Vintage Curly Bob Medium Length Hairstyle:

vintage curly bob medium hairstyles source

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