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10 Cute and Appealing Medium Japanese Hairstyles

Japanese hairstyles look absolutely cute and elegant. Many women like to have a same look as Japanese women have. The Japanese woman look very beautiful with medium hairstyles and cute faces. I am going to talk about some of the most desirous and popular hairstyles among the woman. It is an admitted fact that the texture of hair of Japanese is very fine and usually their hairs are very strong.

1. Pop and Brisk

This is basically a very cute and medium hairstyle having curls around the face. The overall appeal of the pop and brisk hairstyle is enhanced because of slight perms. This hairstyle is actually quite simple and perfect for working women, and adds subtle touch to everyday medium hairstyles.

If you want to make the face look smaller you can go for medium length layered bangs. The hairstyle looks perfect with any facial form and it is quite easy to style it and carry it with the benefit of using digital perm.

2. Airy Medium Hairstyle

The airy top gives an overall very cute look and gives a very feminine look. It adds more elegance to your face and overall personality. The side locks covers the sharp face line softly.

3. Preppie Bob Hairstyle

The shoulder length layered bob hairstyle just looks perfect. In this hairstyle the light perm from the top to end gives a very elegant and vibrant look. You can also give it a more sty-lo look by adding some sides fringes and make it part of preppie bob hairstyle.

              Japanese Medium Airy Hairstyle:

Japanese medium airy hairstylessource

              Cute Japanese Girls Hairstyle:

japanese girls hairstylessource

              Cute Japanese Hairstyle:

cute Japanese hairstylessource

              Japanese Front Bangs Medium Bob Hairstyle:

japanese medium bob hairstyles source

              Japanese Medium Hairstyle:

Japanese medium hairstylesource

              Japanese Wavy Short Hairstyle:

japanese wavy short hairstylesource

              Medium Length Japanese Hairstyle:

medium japanese hairstylesource

              Short Japanese Hairstyle:

short japanese hairstylesource

              Classic Japanese Hairstyle:

classic japanese hairstylesource

              Japanese Medium Length Hairstyle:

japanese medium hairstylesource

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