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Hairstyles for Indian Women with Long Hairs

Whenever we think about Indian women we imagine that she is with long, thick and lustrous hair. Eastern beauty tips and home remedies are the secret behind their beautiful hair. It becomes difficult to manage these long hairs but there are plenty of suggestions to style your long hairs beautifully. New and old techniques can be combined for unique output. Here are few suggestions to implement.

Traditional braid with front puffs: Comb your hair and separate two sections at right and left of forehead. Hold these sections and twist them back and pin up at the back of ears on both sides. Now hold all hairs and make a traditional braid at back. You may add some hair accessories to decorate the braid.

Bangs and lustrous curls: This style can easily be made in long hairs. Straighten the bangs on front and set loose curls in the rest of hair length and leave them on back or on one side. Instead of loose curls you may set hard curls up to few inches at the tips of hairs.

Flirty feathers: This style gives you a quite young look. You can use blower to add volume to your hair. Brush your hair and make curls with electric curler and leave untie around shoulders. Once you set this style it is easy to maintain and gives a fresh and young look. It can be tried on medium and long hairs. Loose curls of lustrous hair on shoulder make your personality attractive.

              Flirty Feathers Long Hairstyle:

flirty feathers long hairstylesource

              Side Bang and Lustrous Curls Indian Hairstyle:

curls indian hairtylesource

              Indian Bridal Long Hairstyle:

indian bridal long hairstylessource

              Indian Girls Long Hairstyle:

indian girls long hairstylesource

              Indian Long with Loose Hairstyle for Women:

hairstyle for indian womensource

              Indian Wedding Hairstyle for Girls:

indian wedding hairstylesource

              Classic Long Asian Hairstyle:

long asian hairstylesource

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