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Top Three Hottest Black Hairstyles for 2014

Are you tired of old hairstyles? Do you want a celebrity look? Do you need inspiration to have a different look? Do you want to adopt truly remarkable hair styles? Allow me to introduce you with some fabulous hair styles that will vanish all your problems and genuine concerns regarding your hair. Embrace these hairstyles and get an inspirational look for others.

Cute Corkscrew Curls Hairstyles:

If you have long hair and you love to handle them with long length with confidence, go for corkscrew hairstyle but wear them loose. This hair style is embraced by singer Kelly Rowland which gives her a gorgeous look. You part your hair in the middle and let curls softly frame your face from both sides. If your hair are not naturally curly you can make short curls consulting your hairstylist.

Sleek and Side braided Hairstyles:

If you want a funky hairdo then wear your hair with sleek and side braided. You can dye the ends of your hair with pink dips that will surely going to give you a contrast between your intricate braided hair and rest of sleek hair. Braided hairs are on one side keeping the other side flat and sleek.

Fire Engine Red:

Wear you have red hair with a massive side swept fringe. The red eye catching dye of your hair will give you a bold and brave change. This is simple hair style for both long and short hair. If you have long hair go for a massive fringe on the front either way right or left whatever you want and go for a French twist from back.

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corkscrew curls hairstylessource
corkscrew curls hairstylessource
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