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Messy and Loop Formal Bun Hairstyles

A bun is always considered the best hairstyle because you can easily carry it the whole day. You do not have to deal with the hair coming in front of your face again and again. The formal bun hairstyle is used when you are attending such events like wedding, engagement, birthday party or more like these. The bun gives you the contemporary look with the range of styles such as curly, sleek, messy buns. You can create numerous hairstyles just within the bun hairstyle. If you have silky hair textures then prefer using the hair spray which will hold your hair perfectly.

Messy buns look sophisticated of all for the formal event. Tie a ponytail and then wrap it around in the middle of your head. Tie it with the band with twisting it. Tease a few sections of your hair to give it the messy effect. If you want you can spray it with the hairspray so that the messy look stays. Wear the hair jewels if you want or leave it plain like that. The looped bun is also popular. It works best with the sleek and straight hair texture.

You have to make a ponytail for it and then divide the hair in four sections. Create a loop of each section and pin it up with the bob pins. Repeat this for each section and there you go you have the best bun you have ever got on your head. You can find the videos and pictures step by step to make the formal bun hairstyles easily by your own or consult a stylish to look the best on the formal events.

              Messy Bun Hairstyles:

messy bun hairstylessource

              Messy Hairstyles Ideas:

messy hairstylessource

              Cute Messy Long Hairstyle:

messy long hairstylessource

              Chic Loop Bun Hairstyle:

chic loop bun hairstylessource

              Messy Bun Hairstyle with Bangs:

messy bun hairstyle with bangssource

              Perfect Loose Bun Hairstyle:

loose bun hairstylesource

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