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Classic Pixie Haircuts and Hairstyles for Women

women are found to be more interested in changing their looks, which also involves the haircut and the hairstyle more than of the men. The reason behind this is that the nature of the women is that she needs to taste every new thing in order to make her feel better and stand out from the crowd.

A long time ago the short hairstyles were only considered a hairstyle for the men, but as the time started to shift more women tried the short hairstyle and became a fan of it. This was started in the era of the 60’s when the short hairstyle on a woman was thought to be bold and was known as the classic pixie. This was the time that when the long hair was thought to be the beauty sign of a woman.

After the release of ‘’the dark knight rises’’ we have seen Anne Hathaway sporting the chic pixie haircut, in which she has got smaller hair on her crown framing the whole of her face.

Now days the most popular are the short hairstyles among the women and the most liked category is the pixie haircuts. This is because the pixies haircut is more feminine and according to your choice you can also make a little bit changes in it, such as by highlighting or low lighting your hair, or by only bleaching the ends of the hair.

You can chose from the classic pixie, fringe pixie, blonde pixie, and other types of the pixie in order to have a unique hairstyle.

pixie haircutssource

pixie hairstylessource

cute pixie haircutssource

Pixie hairstyle

cute Evan Rachel Wood Pixie hairstyle


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