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10 American African Black Women Bun Hairstyles

There is a day to day change in fashion industry. Sometimes you have to go for a trendy look and sometimes classic. The short hair styles have become very popular now a day in the whole world but specifically among the American African black population. As you know, that black women have got a thick texture of their hair and it becomes difficult for them to handle long length hair. That’s why it gives them ease to handle short t length hair. They can make very trendy hair styles with short lengths. The short hair styles can be soft, wild, funky, simple, classic and glamorous. There are different lengths in short hair styles from chin to very short hair styles. Different hair styles suit different faces and different hair colors. Here are some hair styles listed below.

1. Posh Ponytail: To give and elongated look to your face, you should go for sleek and posh pony tail with long side bangs. How to style: Section out a rectangular shape on the interior of the head and make a high ponytail. Style bangs with curly iron and spray then at the end. This is best for long and straight hair.

2. Classic high bun with a twist: This is a very classic hair style that is best for short black dress. How to style: Separate your hair horizontally from ear to ear. Make four to five triangle sections in the front. Take a one section and separate a small slice into two and the tie then together in a knot. Similarly make other sections, divide them in two and tie them in the end till you reach the horizontal parting. When the front portion is done smooth the rest of the hair into a high bun.

african american sock bun hairstylessource
high bun hairstyles source
african american bun updo hairstylesource
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twists high bun hairstylesource
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twisted braids bun hairstylessource
african american bun hairstylessource
african american bun hairstylesource
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