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Dark Auburn Hair Colour

The word “auburn” comes from the Old French word al borne, meaning blond. The word was first used in English was in 1430.

Dark auburn hair means a variety of dark red hair, generally, known as brown. Dark auburn hair is closer to shades of brown. Dark auburn hair is mostly related to light skin tones. The pigments that causing the coloration of dark auburn hair are phenomenal with high quantities of eu melanin.

Dark auburn comprises of the hues of the maroon colour. Opposite to the chestnut and burgundy, auburn is more towards red, on the other hand chestnut is more brown, and burgundy is more inclined towards purple.

Like auburn hair this tone is common among people of northern and western Europe but it can also be found elsewhere. This tone of hair is an identity of following countries: Scandinavia, Ireland, England,

Scotland, Germany, the Benelux countries, France, Poland, Italy, north Iberia and Russia. This hair color is less common in south and southeast, but can occur be seen in Italy, and to some extent Portugal and

Spain. In Southern Italy, 16% of the population enjoys red and reddish-brown hair. It can also be found in many areas of the world occupied by genetically European people, like North America, South America,

Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Siberia, etc.

This toned hair is also found in smaller propotion in Latin America, especially southern Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay. Auburn hair is quite common in Argentina and Uruguay but it was very rare at the time of their freedom from Spain. Such hair is common in Latin America among the descendants of Spanish,

Portuguese, Italian, French and Northern European i.e. German, Scandinavian, British, Polish, and

Russian immigrants. This color is sometimes seen among the people of Formosa in Taiwan, but not among the later Han Chinese immigrants.

So enjoy the shades of suburb if they really suit you.

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