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Hairstyles for Asian Teenage Girls 2014

This is a well known fact that most of the trends are introduced for the teenage generation and are followed by the most teenage generation too. If we talk about the haircuts and hairstyles 2014, than this generation is more fond of changing their looks more often.

Here we are going to give you many ideas of the Asian hairstyles that will surely get your attention. The first is that determine the shape of your hair and afterwards chose the haircut that will suit you the best as if you chose the wrong haircut according to your face shape than you will end up looking like a sheep instead of a dive.

Short hair

If you have short hair than the messy looks can work for you. Try having side or front bangs, as this will frame your face more often. Rather than that you can also opt for the layers in the hair and fringes in the hair too.

Medium hair

You can opt for shoulder length hair, try having layers that start form your cheeks and end on the shoulders of yours. If you are a fan of the front bangs than this will give a cute look. Bobs and pixies can also work.

Long hair

This is the most difficult hair type to handle, as you have a lot of options to chose from you can change your look on the daily basis. Try having bangs, than braid your hair on one side and add any hair accessory in the hair after words this will freshen up your old look in the matter of sometime.

asian  teenage girls hairstyles source

asian girls hairstylessource

cute asian hairstyles source

cute asian girls hairstyles source

cute asian hairstyles source

asian teenage girls hairstyles source

cute asian teen girls hairstyles source

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