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Cute Hairstyles for Little Girls 2014

The most beneficial thing about the hairstyles of the little girls is that you have a lot of options to make your choice from. The length of the hair opens up new options to try from. If you are finding some unique hairstyles 2014 for your daughter than this is the right place, as here we will give you so many ideas to try from and make your choice from. The style also depends on the length of the hair as different styles can be adopted for the hair of different lengths.

Short hair

This is the less manageable hair, any hair accessory can instantly boost up the confidence and personality of your kid, such as head bands, hair clips and flowers. You can also try to change the parting of the hair, such as pin the hair in centre sometimes and pin it on one side. You can also have zigzag parting. If you like braids than try going for the snake braids and waterfall braids but just on the head. This is one of the most cute looks.

Medium hair

The increased length of the hair opens new opportunities. Buns, ponytails, pig tails and braids can done on this hair, but starting from the crown. Even if your child has thin hair this will work. After doing any braid accessorize it with a fancy pony.

Long hair

You can plait or braid the hair, in two or in one section. The most beautiful one is the French braid starting from the crown. Low buns, messy buns can also be tried. Try asking your kid too about her choice, as if she carries a hairstyle of her choice it will boost her confidence.

cute pageant hairstyles

medium curl hairstyles

medium hairstyles

ponytail hairstyle

little girls hairstyle

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