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15 Different Mohawk Hairstyle for Women and Girls

It is the need of advancing age of fashion and glam our to look pretty modern and popular. It’s your hairstyle that gives you an entirely different look. Mohawk is a hairstyle very popular nowadays equally among men and women. In this unique hairstyle both sides of the head are shaven leaving a strip of hair in the center of the head. It’s not only the both sides of the head shaven but can be done other way around shaving only on side.

The Mohawk is a high maintenance hairstyle which needs regular shaving requiring a clan demarcation between shaven and unshaven portion of hair. It is necessary to back comb your hair then blow-dry and twist with the application of some sprays. You can also modify your look with hair dyes.

There are different varieties of Mohawk which usually is a strip of hair running in the center from forehead to nape. Some of the modern Mohawk styles are lazy hawk, fan hawk, ray hawk, bog hawk, reverse Mohawk, faux hawk, pony hawk,curly hawk etc.

Among them faux hawk copies the style of Mohawk but it doesn’t involve shaving of both sides of head and doesn’ t extend to the nape but limited to the vertex of the head. Another popular style Chelsea hawk with bangs keeping a long fringe at the front but shaves back and sides.

This is the best short, trendy, punk hairstyle which is suitable for all type of face cuts but it looks immensely beautiful with diamond and heart shaped faces.

              Cute Mohawk Hairstyles for Black Girls:

mohawk hairstyles for black womensource

              Short Hairstyles Mohawk for Black Girls:

short hairstyles mohawk for black girlssource

              Mohawk Hairstyle for Black Women:

different mohawk hairstylessource

              Mohawk Black Short Hairstyle:

mohawk black hairstylessource

              Mohawk Hairstyles for Black Women:

mohawk hairstylessource

              Mohawk Natural Hairstyle for Black Women:

mohawk natural hairstylessource

              Mohawk Short Haircut for Black Women:

mohawk short haircutssource

              Short Hairstyle for Mohawk Women:

mohawk short hairstylesource

              Mohawk Women Hairstyle with Short Hair:

cute mohawk women hairstylesource

              Short Mohawk Hairstyle for Girls:

mohawk hairstyle for girlssource

              African American Mohawk Hairstyle:

mohawk long hairstyles for african american source

              Best Short Mohawk Hairstyle:

short mohawk hairstylessource

              Black Men Short Mohawk Hairstyle:

short mohawk hairstyles for black mensource

              Black Women Natural Short Mohawk Hairstyle:

natural short mohawk hairstylessource

              Braided Mohawk Hairstyles for Black Girls:

braided mohawk hairstylessource

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