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Short Hairstyle of Singer Miley Cyrus

If you like to keep your hair short than this is a good thing as you will have to spend less time on its management and styling. The short hairstyle is one of the most praised rends now a days, and we can easily see that so many celebrities and ladies are opting for the short hairstyle.

Talking about the trend of short hairstyle there are many female celebrities who are prompting this trend. If you want to get your hair short than you have so many options to chose from.

Remember the girl from the Hannah Montana, yes we are talking about the Miley Cyrus, daughter of the Billy ray Cyrus, she is one of the most praised female singers around the world now. The reason behind her fame is her vocals and the way that she carries herself, recently we have seen in her extremely short hair. This is the Mohawk hairstyle that she has opted for, seriously this is very bold haircut option for any girl, as losing all your strands is not a work of any lady with a weak heart.

She has chosen the blonde color to be the base of her haircut, as this has completely transformed her look from a cute little girl to an emo grown up girl. If you are opting for any short hairstyle than you can also go for short bobs and short pixies too.

If you are a fan of the bangs than side swept and front bangs are always in the latest trends of the haircuts and of the hairstyles.

miley cyrus with short pixie hairstyles

miley cyrus with short hairstyle

miley cyrus with short haircuts

hort hair styles for miley cyrus

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